Monthly Archives: May 2020

600MHz Wireless Microphone Band

The FCC has issued new rules which take effect on July 13, 2020, that will require you to cease the use of wireless microphones that operate in the 600 MHz service band. This may result in some equipment changes for churches, schools, and other users of such devices. Background: To meet the increasing demand for wireless broadband services nationwide, the FCC recently auctioned spectrum that had been licensed to broadcast television stations. As a result,  the availability of spectrum for wireless microphone operation on the 600 MHz frequencies, specifically the […]

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Why Use Bushore Real Estate

We are a father and son California nonprofit and church Real Estate team with offices in northern and southern California. We specialize in nearly all matters concerning Church Real Estate, including religious, nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. Over decades of carving out a name for ourselves amongst church groups, we found a niche with locating and/or uniting church property buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants. Along the way, our skills have been fine-tuned covering all aspects of forming, maintaining, merging and dissolving nonprofit organizations and the establishment of federal and state tax-exempt […]

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Incorrect Deeds

As most people are familiar, a deed is used in the transferring of ownership in one piece of land to another. Fewer are aware of the effect the recording of a deed has on the property. Arguably, the transfer of title from one to another is an exact science. The purpose here is to address deeds in which the owner of record is incorrect, usually in the manner in which the Grantee is named, i.e. the name of the corporation holding title/ownership. This article does not address Title Insurance. Grant […]

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