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Commercial Property Disclosures

First and foremost, to know which disclosures apply, we must define the difference between residential and commercial real property in California. Although most municipalities define the different types of properties in their zoning code, the general definitions used are essentially the same.  Residential properties are generally those with one to four dwelling units, such as a single-family house or duplex. Although there are some nuances for mobile homes, and vacant land, for purposes of this article, commercial property is everything that is not residential property, including residential property consisting of […]

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Overhanging Trees

Trees located on or near property boundaries may not cause a problem when they are small. However, as they grow, tree branches, trunks, and roots can encroach upon or across your property. Although the common theory is that you can trim your neighbor’s tree branches back to the property line, that right is not absolute. For purposes of this article, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of tree ownership. The California Civil Code states that “trees whose trunks stand wholly upon the land of one owner belong exclusively […]

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