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As a general rule in California, whether you prevail at trial or otherwise, all parties to litigation are responsible for their own attorneys’ fees. Considering that ultimate financial sum at stake, whether you are the plaintiff or defending yourself against a frivolous lawsuit, the costs of attorney’s fees must be taken into consideration as they are often the driving force in making litigation decisions. Statute:In a traditional civil suit, attorney’s fees are not recoverable against the opposing party unless they are provided for by statute or by contract. Often, the […]

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Dating back to 17th century England, the Statute of Frauds was enacted to fraud between parties wherein one had an obligation to the other. In short, it required certain obligations be in writing and signed by the person for whom enforcement of the contract will be sought. Now enacted by statute in all fifty states, the Statute of Frauds minimally applies to the sale of goods worth at least $500, marriage, repaying the debts of others, any agreement that takes more than a year to complete, real estate. For our […]

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