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Special Use Appraisals

The Special Use Property Appraisal (With insertions of opinion as to the appraisal of a religious property) The California Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers Practice Act defines an appraisal the act or process of developing an opinion of value for real property, and does not include an opinion given by a real estate licensee or engineer or land surveyor in the ordinary course of his or her business. The standards used within the appraisal profession are set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) which were developed […]

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What Defines a Church?

Defining a Church? What is a Church? Recently, a potential buyer approached a City Planner asking what their Temple could and could not do on a particular piece of property. A disagreement arose between them as the person at the City kept referring to Church use, while the interested party kept trying to correct them in stating that they were not a Church, but a Temple. The question arose as to what is a church and how does it affect property use? The dictionary doesn’t help much when it defines […]

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Eminent Domain and the taking of property

Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation Eminent Domain is generally referred to as the taking of real property (real estate) by a governmental agency for the benefit of the public with just compensation. Often is referred to as Condemnation. Taking: Eminent Domain is the actual taking, usually permanently, and is the government’s removal of physical possession of real property from the owner. However, even where the government agency does not physically take possession of the land, it may have placed such restrictions upon its use so as to constitute a temporary […]

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