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Churches and Nonconforming Use

Two of the most common terms that we hear when working with churches are Conditional Use Permits and Grandfathered in. Although there seems to be a basic understanding of zoning and how it relates to a use being Grandfathered in, most need further explanation as to how it will affect their church in the future as a legal nonconforming use. Zoning: All property has an underlying or specific zone wherein the City or County has set forth in its General Plan for all zones within their jurisdiction. These zones indicate […]

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What Defines a Church?

Defining a Church? What is a Church? Recently, a potential buyer approached a City Planner asking what their Temple could and could not do on a particular piece of property. A disagreement arose between them as the person at the City kept referring to Church use, while the interested party kept trying to correct them in stating that they were not a Church, but a Temple. The question arose as to what is a church and how does it affect property use? The dictionary doesn’t help much when it defines […]

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