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Restricted Donations

Churches, like all nonprofit organizations, rely upon monetary donations in order to carry out their basic functions. In particular, it is these donations that enable the church to literally keep its lights on. Similar to the article about members taking deductions for the donations they contribute; this article focuses on what the church may do with the funds it receives. Please note that this article does not address fundraising through Bingo or Raffles. Unrestricted Funds:  In most instances, a member simply donates funds to be used towards the general operations […]

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Church Officer and Director Liability

Liabilities of being a Board MemberMore often than not, I attend church council meetings that require some action be taken by the church board that results in some form of a corporate resolution. In many cases, the board members present can’t tell me who the officers or directors of the corporation are, or whether or not a quorum is present to ratify their actions. In my attempt to walk the board through the legal impact of their corporate bylaws, many are surprised to hear of the effect that a particular […]

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