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Incorrect Deeds

As most people are familiar, a deed is used in the transferring of ownership in one piece of land to another. Fewer are aware of the effect the recording of a deed has on the property. Arguably, the transfer of title from one to another is not an exact science. The purpose here is to address deeds in which the owner of record is incorrect, usually in the manner in which the Grantee (owner)  is named, i.e. such as the name of  a corporation holding title/ownership. This article does not […]

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Clouds on Title (Ownership) to Real Property

Real Property values will always fluctuate over time, but the one that is often overlooked is the marketability of the Property.  Every contract for the conveyance of Real Property contains an implied warranty that the Title will be delivered reasonably free from doubt of hazards to litigation either in fact or law. Although Title need not be perfect, it must not expose the reasonable buyer to the hazards of litigation. One sure way to inhibit your ability to sell your Property is to allow a cloud on the Title to […]

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What is Escrow?

The Escrow Process There often seems to be some confusion as to what and Escrow is and how it functions in regard to the sale of a property. What follows is a brief description of the Escrow Process and how it works. In short, an Escrow is the process in which a Buyer and Seller use a neutral third party for the delivery, safekeeping, and disbursement of documents, and funds. This third-party intermediary acts under agreed written instructions from both parties (not just one party), and will not act until […]

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