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Abandoned Personal Property

On occasion, a church tenant will vacate the property, (Real Property), either at the end of the rental term or otherwise and leave some of their personal property behind. In most instances, those items are simply forgotten and later collected after being noticed. However, a tenant will often leave behind their personal property simply because they no longer want it. The question then becomes, what to do with the personal property of a commercial type tenant. Personal Property: The California Civil Code simply defines personal property as “every kind of […]

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Removing Fixtures – from a church or otherwise

Tenants love to improve the facilities they rent by either painting the walls, installing new carpet, or mounting a video projector and screen for their Sunday service, or otherwise. In most instances, the landlord church has no problem with these improvements. The trouble however, arises at the end of the rental term when the tenant wants to remove their expensive video projector, but the landlord wants it to remain as a fixture attached to the property. If the rental agreement in silent in this regard, who gets the projector and […]

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