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Eminent Domain and the taking of property

Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation Eminent Domain is generally referred to as the taking of real property (real estate) by a governmental agency for the benefit of the public with just compensation. Often is referred to as Condemnation. Taking: Eminent Domain is the actual taking, usually permanently, and is the government’s removal of physical possession of real property from the owner. However, even where the government agency does not physically take possession of the land, it may have placed such restrictions upon its use so as to constitute a temporary […]

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Wills and Trust

Wills and Trust Wills and Trust are often a topic of discussion. In particular, what is the difference and which should I have? The following is a brief explanation of the difference between a Will, and a Trust. First and foremost, State rather than Federal law governs what happens to your property upon your death. Upon one’s death, you may hear the word probate, but not know what that means. Probate is the process of administering one’s estate, with or without a will. The purpose of probate is to: 1) […]

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Premises/Trespasser Liability

Premises/Trespasser Liability Considering the current trend, trespass on church property has been steadily increasing. Whether your church is accepting of those individuals or not, there are a few things you need to know regarding your liability. First and foremost, your church has the legal duty to implement and maintain measures which reduce the foreseeable risk of harm that may come to others; trespassers or otherwise. Liability: When someone suffers and injury, regardless of whether they are a tenant, contractor, church member, visitor, or trespasser, your church may be liable. Although […]

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